Genealogy Rijerkerk - Bronner

Through the presentation of these genealogical information on the Internet, I try to exchange ideas and information with the visitors of this site, to give a helping hand to beginners and to give the advanced ones a handle. Given the large amount of data, you might think that it is coming from a scratch lot. It seems to me therefore correct to state how this amount of data has been reached. The vast majority of these data comes from reasonable reliable secondary sources like Genlias, from serious genealogical periodicals like Ons Voorgeslacht, Nederlands Leeuw, Gens Nostra etc., from transcribed church-books, from serious genealogical CD-Roms and so on. About 5% comes from consulting original documents and I have received the last 10% from serious fellow genealogists. I think that 95% of the information is accurate, but only 5% is sure. I am controlling the remaining 95% on the basis of the original documents, but given the large amount of work, I think I will never realize this goal. Especially the part before 1800 and also the pre-churchbook-section, contains a number of assumptions that are plausible, but not 100% sure. I will be grateful for any response from you, because in this way we maybe will be able to come to better conclusions. I still have a lot of material to expand the database in the future. I will also control the facts, but nevertheless, errors are never excluded. If you detect an irregularity, please be so kind to inform me, with your cooperation we can keep this database, which so many people enjoy, as correctly as possible. Everybody is free to take from this site the information he or she intends to use for no-commercial use, but in the event of an error or if you have a supplement, a message would be very much appreciated.

Le Lavandou,November 7, 2020
Cock Rijerkerk